Nicola Thompson

Website resolutions for 2013

The year is almost over and web managers everywhere are well into planning their web strategy for the year to come.  Here are some of the issues which are top of their agenda, based on recent discussions we’ve had with web managers around the world.

  1. Get your standards in order

    With so many channels to consider and publishing models becoming more and more disparate, standards have never been so vital to a successful web presence, which means that refreshing your web standards is one of the best ways to kick-start your new year strategy. Of course, no-one wants to delay their new campaigns while they agonise over creating standards documentation, which is why we’ve automated the process. We’ve put our expertise – the combined knowledge of our seasoned web standards architects – into an automated tool that takes care of standards creation for you. Standards Hub allows you to create customised standards documentation in minutes, rather than the months it usually takes to harness all the expertise required to hammer out standards relating to content, cookies, usability, accessibility, SEO, social media, mobile web, and the various other elements of your web presence.

  2. Globalise your user experience

    Maintaining a consistent user experience across a widely distributed web presence is a big challenge. And it gets even bigger and more complicated the more channels and content streams you add into the mix. 2012 has been the year of multi-channel, and for 2013, firms are concentrating on ensuring visitors receive the same high quality experience at every digital touchpoint at every digital channel. That’s something that’s never going to be easy. To gain some insight into how global enterprises are approaching this, we interviewed three key stakeholders from leading healthcare firm Bupa about how they handle the crucial area of digital experience. To find out what they had to say, watch our video.

  3. Eradicate the most common website errors

    One of the most important things to remember when planning for the year ahead is not to forget the basics. Despite the fact that web teams everywhere are getting to grips with new technologies, the biggest errors aren’t sophisticated mobile sites but basic problems such as missing page titles, typos and broken links. So why not make 2013 the year you finally get on top of them by making a clean sweep of existing errors and monitoring regularly to ensure new ones don’t creep onto your sites. Our list of 10 website errors, published Eweek, can help you get started.

  4. Learn from others

    In the digital world, success is all about collaboration. Many businesses spend years – and a large slice of their precious budgets – reinventing the wheel when they could be reusing and adapting methods tried and tested by their peers. At ActiveStandards, we believe firmly in the collaborative approach, which is why we encourage our clients and partners to share their experiences and strategies. Our range of insight reports includes accounts from corporate names like CSC and KPMG and federal agencies such as EPA, as well as insights from web governance guru Lisa Welchman.

  5. Rethink your definition of success

    Are you settling for less than you deserve when it comes to your web presence? All too frequently when it comes to web conversion rates, businesses are content with much lower figures than they would be for any other marketing activity. “Good” conversion rates are often below 10%, with marketers turning a blind eye to the fact that such figures also represent a failure rate of over 90%. During the coming year, rather than accepting high failure rates as part of “the nature of the web” businesses should be resolving to transform their websites into high-performance marketing tools. Whether that means achieving more intelligent content delivery, improving segmentation or investing in contextual targeting, there are a range of things you can do to help ensure you never have to settle for 2% ever again.