Nicola Thompson

Not so Flash anymore

The death knell has been pealing for Flash for some time now, but there have been a few developments over the past six months which suggest HTML5 is on the brink of a takeover. Earlier this year, Google’s beta of Chrome for Android was released without support for Flash. Meanwhile, Adobe followed up abandoning its …

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Sonia Ramdhian

Using ActiveStandards to create a structured internship programme

It’s summer – a season characterised for many organisations by the arrival of office interns. This can be a refreshing and enjoyable experience for your team – and a great opportunity for someone hoping to forge a career in your industry. At the same time, structuring the internship and making sure both your organisation and …

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Martin Blanco

Three things you need to know about mobile SEO

As mobile web technology advances even further, organisations are starting to worry less about the technical aspects of creating web content for mobile devices, and more about factors such as SEO. So what do you need to know? Here are three things to bear in mind: Be responsive When it comes to SEO, responsive design …

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Dan Hanley

Structuring Ajax sites for search engine crawl

Ajax web development techniques are becoming increasingly popular among developers who want to create innovative, user-focused sites. But while Ajax is definitely at the bleeding edge of B2C web, corporates have tended to steer clear. For one, corporate sites haven’t traditionally been as user-focused as B2C sites. However, the other issue with Ajax is that …

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Simon Lande

Adventures in creating successful country sites

Poor usability, inappropriateness, cultural insensitivity – such are the issues that can characterise country sites of all types, often reflected in poor feedback from users. Frequently, such sites have a spare, clinical, sanitised feel that discourages a real connection with the target audience – a grave problem in a space where experience is becoming the …

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