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Simon Lande

Adventures in creating successful country sites

Poor usability, inappropriateness, cultural insensitivity – such are the issues that can characterise country sites of all types, often reflected in poor feedback from users. Frequently, such sites have a spare, clinical, sanitised feel that discourages a real connection with the target audience – a grave problem in a space where experience is becoming the …

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Dan Hanley

Pandas, penguins and the quest for website quality

Over the past decade, SEO has gone from a “what’s that?” topic to representing a significant slice of the corporate marketing budget as companies fight it out for the top spot in search engine results. The Holy Grail in this struggle, is, of course, the top ranking on Google (OK, maybe second ranking after Wikipedia). …

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James Baverstock

Optimising SEO with ActiveStandards

The ActiveStandards Search tool isn’t just useful for performing general searches on your website content. It can also act as a valuable SEO tool that can help you plan and maintain an effective keyword optimisation strategy. The first step in formulating a keyword strategy is to identify which keywords to target. To help draw up …

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Tim Woodall

Top 5 SEO tips for your website

Are you constantly struggling to keep on top of your search ranking? Here are five simple suggestions from our Product Team to help you optimise your site and improve its SEO. 1. Get on top of headings Give your pages immediate extra weight by making sure they all feature headings and use heading tags to …

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Nicola Thompson

Do not mess with ‘do not track’

Microsoft seems to have scored a bit of an own-goal by announcing to the world that “do not track” would be a default setting for IE10. What could have been a great marketing coup turned sour overnight when the W3C responded to the announcement by making it clear that browsers which set do not track …

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