Michael Skee

Google Panda FAQ

At ActiveStandards, we’re often asked about the latest changes to Google’s search algorithms, and what they mean for on-page SEO. In this post we focus on the Google Panda update, and how to use ActiveStandards to support your SEO programme. (For a complete guide to the major changes in SEO over the last year, check …

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Kristina Podnar

Web Accessibility Training Day

On September 9th, The National Federation of the Blind, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Disabilities hosted a Web Accessibility Training Day in Baltimore. The day was impactful, and underscored the natural maturation of accessibility as an area that both private and public sector organizations should support – due to legislative requirements as well …

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Nicola Thompson

Improved “change over time” analytics for managers

Website change over time report

As part of our mission to bring you better and more powerful ways to access ActiveStandards data, we are introducing two new reports to the Analytics Dashboard. These reports allow you to easily compare change over time for all of your individual checkpoints and websites. This release is the first in a major program of …

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Simon Lande

Internet governance and corporate digital governance face similar challenges

This week the Ninth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was held in Istanbul, with more than 2,500 participants from private companies, the internet technical community, inter-governmental organisations and national governments convening to debate the key issues facing the future of the Internet. “We want to foster an accessible, open, secure and trustworthy …

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James Baverstock

Switching to HTTPS? How ActiveStandards can help


On August 6th, Google announced that they are starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal for search. Initially this is described as “only a very lightweight signal”, but over time Google say they may decide to strengthen it. The prospect of an SEO advantage, however small, is likely to concentrate many site owners’ minds …

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